I don’t know who these armed citizens are, and if I did, I would not say. The use of weapons in highly libtarded area is legally dangerous.

Somebody give Granny a hug and roll her to safety, video:

What I don’t like about what Granny did. Why is Granny protecting a Target? The store will not keep sexual predators out of the former ladies room. She lacks the power to stop the mob, and sure heck Target will not have her back.

Second, how to prudently confront a mob, video:

First up I like the fact that these two self-proclaimed rednecks did not tell the media Karen their name. They just citizens doing what citizens should do. These armed citizens are protecting private property, a job the local police either can not, or will not do.

Addendum I: second video was changed.  So it was removed.

Addendum II: new copy found and posted.

Addendum III: first video unviewable to due to account suspension.  Found Youtube video and posted.  I am done with this.