I don’t want to go here.

Ahmaud Arbery is dead and that is regrettable.    Sadly this case is turning into another Treyvon Martin case, with some the same cast of characters, albeit missing any White Hispanics,from Joe Cunningham, Red State:

[Ahmaud Arbery] was not caught in the act of robbing someone. It was broad daylight. He was jogging. The two white men had no evidence that Arbery had robbed anyone in the neighborhood. There is no evidence he had done anything wrong at all. And, yet, there are people who would defend the two men and treat the dead black man as though he deserved his fate. Video surfaced of Arbery walking into a partially constructed home, looking at it. He didn’t touch anything, and he didn’t take anything. He looked, and then left.

Mr. Cunningham is on solid ground up to the point he rules out any potential of Robbery.  However, Mr. Cunningham then proceeds to describe Mr. Arbery of committing the crimes of trespassing and burglary.  This case will be hard enough to sort out without doing a Chuck Todd to the facts.