Good news, Senator Lindsey Graham got his gonads back from the cleaners.  The entire Robert Mueller three year, what forty million dollar, Special Counsel investigation was a fraud from the moment it was launched.  The Mueller team knew it, and Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein either did know, or should have known, it from CNSNews:

“The memo to Mueller from Rosenstein was given to me today — or yesterday, by (Attorney General William) Barr, fully unredacted, virtually unredacted.

“So now we know that the scope of the investigation was to look at Carter Page, Flynn, Papdopoulos and Manafort as to whether or not they were working with the Russians. Now this is in August of 2017.”

But Graham noted that in January 2017 — eight months earlier — the Steele dossier had been “disavowed” by a Russian “sub-source,” and the FBI knew it.

“And without the dossier, there’s no warrant” to spy on Carter Page eight months later, Graham said. “So they knew that the Carter Page thing was a fraud.”

Rosenstein launched the Mueller probe against individuals accused of crimes of which the FBI has already cleared them some eight months prior.