The problem of course with asking GM to use Lordstown to make ventilators, is the quality control will be about on par with that of their automobiles. Granted, it’s not as bad as Fiat-Chrysler, but what is? In any event, you’re still dead.

Up here in New York state on the one hand we have Cuomo the lesser telling us that we have gone beyond the peak of this covid-19 thing, and the death rates are starting to come down. On the other hand the local supposed news media is telling us that Monroe county officials are making plans to use refrigerated tractor trailers to store the covid 19 dead. They haven’t started doing it yet.

Well, there’s a reason for that… in total there have been 26 deaths inside of Monroe county because of covid-19. This is over the period of the last month. Hardly an unusual number of deaths for this area.

I fully understand why contingency plans are needed for every kind of event. But the kind of publicity that this is receiving is nothing short of scare tactics. I can’t help but conclude that there is either a lot more going on surrounding this than we are being told, or a lot less. I’ll tell you the truth I’m having trouble deciding which.

Ponder the idea that the party that lost 33,000 emails is pushing for email voting. What could possibly go wrong?

Ponder the idea that it took a worldwide pandemic to bring our unemployment levels back up to where they were as of the time that Obama left office.