There are blondes, dumb blondes and then their is Mika Brzezinski from Breitbart:

Monday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mike Brzezinski reacted to President Donald Trump’s Sunday press conference with the White House coronavirus task force discussing the coronavirus pandemic.

Host Joe Scarborough noted Trump is “pushing an unproven drug” in hydroxychloroquine to help combat the virus. Brzezinski then speculated Trump continues pushing the drug because “there’s got to be some sort of financial tie to someone somewhere.”

“Dr. Fauci wasn’t allowed to talk about what he feels is important to say about this drug that the president keeps pushing,” Brzezinski stated. A lot of people would say, follow the money. There’s got to be some sort of financial tie to someone somewhere that has the president pushing this repeatedly. But more importantly, he had Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, which most people — I think we can universally agree — are trying to slow the spread or trying to contain this virus, are trying to save American lives, as we are looking at our worst week yet ahead.”

We have Chinese Wuflu pandemic that is killing people.  We have a sixty year old generic drug, with a proven track record of relative safety, that cures patients with the Wuflu.  The we have Dr. Fauci, a seventy-eight year old deep state medical bureaucrat willing to standby and watch Wuflu patients die, while he develops, test and get approved some pie in the sky miracle Wuflu vaccine.  Question for Dr. Fauci, after some thirty years, how in your HIV vaccine doing?  Virus vaccines are hard to develop and even then fall far short of proven.  For example millions take the season flu vaccine every year, and thousand of them die each year from the seasonal flu.