My plate has been pretty full lately so I haven’t had a chance to put new posts up as I would have liked to. A broken arm, a new truck, a new amateur radio license, (KD2TRL) and just simply trying to make ends meet.

At the moment I’m in the Bronx, making a food delivery..

That said I’ve been jotting notes down for the last couple of weeks.

Got into a discussion yesterday with somebody who advise me in authoritative tones that’s this pandemic shows how we need “universal health Care”. The conversation came to a crashing halt when I suggested that the Chinese already have government-run universal health Care. there’s a reason the China isn’t giving us the full story on what’s happening to their own people with this thing.

I notice that San Francisco has banned reusable shopping bags. Remember, I made a prediction about that a couple of weeks ago.

I see where we are watching closely the activities of college professors and the Communist Chinese. Good thing, too.

I see where the Chinese propaganda and the mainstream media here in the United States are singing the same tune. This is my shocked face.

if you want to hear some Chinese propaganda yourself, all you have to do is turn on stations in Washington DC and San Diego. I’ve mentioned this before but I can’t imagine that they’re not seriously spinning reality to their own advantage these last few weeks.

It occurs to me to ask, how many Americans have to die before orwe consider this an attack, an act of war on the part of the Chinese? that seems a rather important question to answer regardless of your stand on responding to China as such at the moment. What is the threshold?

The evidence suggests that this virus was developed in a lab and Wuhan, owned by George Soros. Whether the virus was intentionally released or got away from them seems an open question.

Either way, it seems to me we’re already in a war. We’re just not fighting back. If this is in fact part of the PLAs expansion …and I suggest that it probably is… It is worth noting that only about 25% of draft age people in this country are physically able to conduct any kind of fighting.

The group is called Seventh Key. the song has been around for a few years but it applies very nicely to our current situation. If you like Kansas you’re going to love this…

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  1. I forgot to use this in my last post.  Alas!  While you are in the Bronx you should rename the Harlem River, that flows between the Bronx and Manhattan, to the Nile.  Then the expression that de Nile is a river that flows in New York City would became literally true, as well as figuratively.