There really wasn’t any purpose for Bernie Sanders trying to win the Democrat Party nomination in the first place, but particularly so now with the coronavirus in play.

He can’t campaign in a way that would make any difference. So he finally dropped out today.

The market responded by rallying some 700 points, apparently understanding that Joe Biden doesn’t have a chance of winning the White House, given that there are two people the Joe Biden can’t beat. Donald Trump, and Joe Biden.

As Matt Margolis points out:

While Joe Biden’s path to the nomination is now secure, Biden faces other hurdles during the remainder of the campaign. The coronavirus pandemic has essentially halted all campaigning, and while Biden has tried to use his “shadow briefings” as a demonstration of his leadership, they’ve been one disaster after another.

Biden also faces other challenges. He suffers from a major enthusiasm gap. Trump voters are more than twice as enthusiastic about voting for Trump as Biden voters are for voting for him. While Bernie is likely to urge his supporters to vote for Joe Biden, a recent poll shows that 15 percent of Bernie supporters will actually choose Trump over Biden. Biden also has repeatedly plagiarized Trump’s coronavirus response, and, after opposing Trump’s travel ban with China and calling it xenophobic, he flip-flopped on the issue, supporting Trump’s action.

So barring an Arkanside (which strikes me as eminently possible) Donald Trump just won a second term. Which means, in turn, that the Republicans can spend more time securing House and Senate seats.