According to press reports, they’ve been something on the order of 2.4 million legal gun sales in the month of March. That is an absolute record in gun sales. And yet, there have been no mass shootings. The results are surprising, certainly, but you won’t see the news media talking much about this, if at all.

Additionally, in response to the covid-19 problem, the federal government has opted to temporarily suspend rules and regulations regards truckers and the hours they can drive and required rest breaks and so on. According to the reports I’m seeing, there is a goodly number of them that are going absolutely hate on this stuff. They’re getting the job done keeping the shelves full moving food from point A to point B.

And yet, in this case as well, the results are surprising, and the news media isn’t talking about this one much , either… There has been no spikes in the number of traffic accidents involving tractor trailer rigs.

Just a thought here… perhaps in at least these two cases over -regulation was the solution to a problem that didn’t exist.

Might we conclude that Government it its infinite wisdom, in both cases attacked the wrong problem?