I have openly wondered a couple of times now if there wasn’t something about this Chinese Communist Party virus that we weren’t being told. I have stated flatly on at least one occasion that there is something far more or far less, about this whole situation.

The steps being taken to minimize the spread of the virus are extraordinary at least and possibly unprecedented. Then again, possibly not.

Okay, admittedly, if we limit our comparisons to peacetime, the actions being taken by the state and federal governments as well as the locals are unprecedented. The only other time that we have seen this level of governmental control of individual actions across the entire nation, has been during times of war. That in itself causes me to wonder a bit, and those thoughts come out something like this:

Is our government operating as if we were in a state of war? Are they making the assumption, or do they have knowledge that the virus we are now dealing with is the result of an intentional attack on the rest of the world? It would explain a lot.

I see the complaints from libertarian crowd, and leftists as well, for example New York Governor Cuomo, who normally couldn’t care less about the Constitution, now suddenly worried about constitutional rights in this crisis. I’m somewhat sympathetic to the argument but I can’t get over the feeling that there’s something more to all of this than we are being told. Even FDR, with all of the extra -constitutional gobbledygook that he brought to the table, needed a state of war to do most of what he did. (all of which, it should be noted, prolonged the depression.)

Without a state of war as a motivator I find a difficult if not impossible to believe that someone who is by far demonstrably more dedicated to the support of the Constitution, would be going to such an extra -constitutional lengths.

It seems reasonable to speculate on these matters given what we know about China’s recent activities. We know, for example, that China has been building up its military at a rate heretofore unseen in the world. We also know very well that the Wuhan lab owned by George Soros has been doing the Chinese Communist party’s bidding in terms of investigating diseases of this sort. We also know as of this morning that the Chinese have shut down any attempted investigation on the matter, which of itself does everything but put a neon sign on the place saying “COVID DEVELOPED HERE.”

I have nothing that I can directly point to other than these things but I come away with the distinct feeling that there is a lot going on here that we’re not being told.