Eric Florack on April 6th, 2020

According to press reports, they’ve been something on the order of 2.4 million legal gun sales in the month of March. That is an absolute record in gun sales. And yet, there have been no mass shootings. The results are surprising, certainly, but you won’t see the news media talking much about this, if at […]

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davidl on April 6th, 2020

There are blondes, dumb blondes and then their is Mika Brzezinski from Breitbart: Monday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mike Brzezinski reacted to President Donald Trump’s Sunday press conference with the White House coronavirus task force discussing the coronavirus pandemic. Host Joe Scarborough noted Trump is “pushing an unproven drug” in hydroxychloroquine to help combat the […]

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Eric Florack on April 6th, 2020

Yesterday, in a post entitled More Coronavirus Perspectives, I laid out the case that this was increasingly looking like an intentional attack on the part of the Communist Chinese party This video adds to that pile of evidence. Some of this evidence has yet to be confirmed but it fits with the available facts and […]

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