News from the city formerly known as the City of Brotherly Love, the Phildelphia police department has one stopped enforcing certain “non-violent” crimes, and two stopped processing concealed carry permits, from Breitbart:

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports Philadelphia police spokesperson Sekou Kinebrew indicated the department stopped issuance because there is no set day for when the processing unit will reopen during the coronavirus outbreak.

Kinebrew said, “Because this entire pandemic is inherently fluid, we can’t predict how long it will be closed.”

In addition to halting concealed permit issuance, the Philadelphia Police Department are relaxing their policies and “delaying arrest for … narcotics offenses, thefts, burglary and prostitution.” However, Kinebrew made clear “officers would continue to arrest people carrying a firearm without a permit.”

Somehow, I thought constitutional rights were presumed to be granted by God. Yet in Philadelphia these rights are granted by mere mortals… clerks. And this is the same city where once long ago our
Declaration of Independence was written. Funny, that.

First, Philadelphia gives license to criminals to prey on citizens with very limited fear of consequences. Then the same city inhibits the citizens of the city from exercising their God- given right to protect themselves. Lastly, the city police announce that they will selectively enforce the law on citizens who dare to protect themselves. This a gross violation of the civil rights of people of Philadelphia. The city government is now the enemy of the city.

No more donuts for Officer Friendly.