The President is fighting a two front war.  One is the battle to contain the Chinese Wuflu virus, and two, fending off the press corps, from Sister Toldjah, Red State:

[Jennifer] Rubin has moved on to even more important matters – like calling for a 9/11-style commission to investigate who knew what, when, and where about the Wuhan coranavirus. She even wrote a column about it.[…]

Let’s recap: China destroyed evidence about the virus in its early stages, and could have possibly saved thousands of lives and spared hundreds of thousands more people all over the world from getting sick in the first place had they acted on it immediately instead of trying to cover it up.

The World Health Organization ran interference for them the entire time.

If Ms. Rubin wants “answers” she can start with China and their propaganda arm at the WHO.

We don’t need a Nine Eleven style commission is where the Chinese Wuflu started, and why is spread. We already know that. What we the people need to know is why the lame stream media is acting like a paid propaganda organ of the Chi-Com regime.

The media has been infected with Quislings.  We need an investigation, not by the government.  We don’t need to provide the Quislings with an excuse to invoke the First Amendment.  We need a private commission of some sort to determine from where Quislings got their propaganda.  Why they spread it, and what they received for whoring services.  Let Rubin be the first Quisling to testify.