New York and Rhode Island two states: two democrat governors, Andrew “Fredo II” Cuomo and Gina Raimondo with only one set of balls. The states share a common problem, the spread of the Chinese Wuflu virus New York is exporting it and Rhode Island is importing it. However only Rhode Island seems give a darn about slowing the spread of the disease. Fredo whines about the constitutionality and legality of Governor Raimondo response’s, calling it an act of war. Infected person’s crossing border carrying a fatal disease is an act of war.

Governor Fredo lacks the legal and practical ability to seal New York’s many borders. However, Fredo is obligated to make a good faith effort to stop the export of the virus. New York City is the domestic epicenter of the virus. Yet Fredo continues to allow Bill de Blasio to fiddle while New York City burns.

from PJ Media:

Cuomo didn’t say on what grounds he would sue Rhode Island, although I’m sure the commerce clause would come into play. But you can see Governor Raimondo’s frustration. Thousands of Typhoid Mary’s are coming into the state refusing to follow the 14-day quarantine rule. Meanwhile, her citizens are getting sick and Cuomo is apparently saying it’s better to appear positive than “reactionary.”

Political correctness was a large part of the problem with the spread of the Chinese Wuflu virus. Yet Fredo is more worried about labels than controlling the spread of disease.