One thing that’s striking about this election process, at least in this cycle, is that despite all odds, the Democrats have managed to push the establishment candidate through this process.

In most historic election cycles, that would be pretty much expected. Trouble is this isn’t most election cycles. Look at what happened in 2016…. The Establishment candidates all lost to an outsider. the mood of the electorate was such that none of them stood a chance against the outsider.

That said….

Think back just five months ago. Elizabeth Warren had a substantial lead in Iowa and nationally. It looked like she was going to run away with the thing. The running joke then was (and for that matter now is) Joe Biden. Yet, Joe Biden now is the one with the substantial lead?

I’ve been suggesting right along that the mood of the voter Nationwide is definitely anti- establishment, in both parties. at first blush it appears that the Democrats haven’t gotten that message.

But, look deeper…

I’ve been saying all along that the nomination race is between Biden and Bernie Sanders… And that if Sanders won, the Democrat Party would cease to exist, it would split right down the middle, and would be ineffective in National politics for at least a decade….probably longer. So, there is good tactical reasons for the Democrats to be pushing their establishment candidate. The thinking just now apparently is that, yes, we are going to lose the White House in 2020. but we’ve got to keep the party together or we’re going to be losing all of the downvote seats as well and any chance whatsoever of attaining a majority in Congress for several decades.

All of this explains why the Democrats are in the process of nominating the Gaffe+O-Matic.

Now a couple of questions.

We’ve been reasonably sure all along that Biden people will never go with Sanders.

(How bad is it for Democrats when Biden is the sane candidate?)

Assuming that this situation holds and Bernie Sanders loses the nomination as I expect he will, will the Sanders people go with Biden?

I doubt it.

Ironic, isn’t it? The Democrats find themselves splitting the party of young ideas while arguing over a pair of 75 plus year olds.