The democrats have a habit of foisting feeble minded presidents on the nation. They did it with Franklin Roosevelt in 1944, and they trying to do with Slow Joe Biden now, from Washington Examiner:

[Harry Truman] noticed that FDR was so ill that he couldn’t even pour cream into his coffee. Despite seeing direct evidence of Roosevelt’s poor health, Truman told reporters afterwards that Roosevelt “Looked fine…He’s as keen as a briar.”

Truman was lying. Roosevelt was a dying man, which was evident to everyone who saw him. But during the 1944 campaign, a conspiracy of silence reigned about his health. Roosevelt had a physical in the summer that showed he had high blood pressure and was suffering from congestive heart failure, but the results were kept from the public.

With the assistance of a compliant media that was overwhelmingly sympathetic to FDR, the issue of Roosevelt was a dying man, which was evident to everyone who saw him.

Europe payed the price for a feeble American President:

In February 1945, a dangerously ill Roosevelt traveled to Yalta to meet with Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin to discuss the future of post-war Europe. At Yalta, FDR effectively surrendered Poland and most of Eastern Europe to the Soviets. During the conference, Roosevelt lacked the stamina to keep up Stalin, and the agreements they reached reflected the poor state of FDR’s health.

Yalta should serve as a warning to what can happen when a president is materially unfit, physically or mentally, to serve in office. Biden’s health should and must be an issue, if not the key issue during the campaign. We mustn’t let history repeat itself.

The world was a dangerous place in 1945, as it remains today. Joe Biden is not capable of know what room or even what state he is in. Roosevelt was not able to confront Joseph Stalin, and Biden would neither capable nor willing to confront China.