Read this:

We have hundreds of thousands of churches and businesses and schools across America that are closed now. Many of them will not re-open. They didn’t fail because of some flaw within them or because their model didn’t work. They failed, or will fail, because of a tyrannical system beyond our shores that lied to the whole world. America’s churches and businesses and schools are closed because, on the other side of the world, China’s amoral dictators failed to be a normal nation and do the right thing. They lied out of their paranoid obsession with power. In America, we can make fun of Trump, call him names and mock whoever we want and find others who will laugh with us.

In China, merely displaying a cartoon of Winnie the Pooh — because of his resemblance to dictator Xi — risks imprisonment. Should we do business with such a thin-skinned despot?

For for my part, I say no. It is time to hold the Chinese Communist Party responsible for all of this and more.

And speaking of paranoid obsession with power, does it sound for all the world like a political party here in these beleaguered United States?