I’m telling you right now, that the market is not reacting to coronavirus fears.

What the markets are reacting to is the discovery that maybe, just maybe, turning our entire manufacturing process of everything including are medications over to the Communist Chinese probably wasn’t all that good an idea.

The Democrats trying to make political hay out of this is disingenuous on two levels:

First, Trump’s been trying to separate us from China for some time. At least some of those efforts have been documented here, So I won’t bother cross-linking on that point. Long time readers will have already read it anyway.

Secondly, we have more than a small amount of data that links the Democrat delete to the Communist Chinese. (Example)

All of this panic with regards to the coronavirus is being whipped up by people who want to politically manipulate you.

The fact of the matter is that the mortality rate on this virus is… well, let’s put it this way…. More people died of diarrhea last year then have died of the coronavirus on an infection/ per-capita basis.

The panic in the market was caused by companies who have abdicated their responsibility of making sure that things are created here in this country…. And by the politicians who supported those moves.