To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Bernie Sanders wins in New Hampshire. Also to the surprise of absolutely nobody, Joe Biden, the Establishment Democrat candidate, comes in at least 5th and probably sixth if the trends I’m seeing hold.

Let’s examine what’s going on here.

There is a rebellion against establishment politics that is nothing short of worldwide now, as I have suggested previously. Now, this also is happening within these United States and within both of its major political parties.

In this case, that means that the establishment picked candidate, Joe Biden goes down in the in a ball of fire that makes the Hindenburg look like a Zippo.

Before this happened, before any of the votes were counted last night, Joe Biden’s people were out there, talking about how if Biden didn’t pull this one out, it was a doomsday scenario for the Democrats.

Biden’s people have that one right, at least…. they know that anything being produced by the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party is never going to make it is a general election. It’s just not going to happen.

Let me explain it this way. Joe Biden is on record as saying that Mickey Mouse would have a reasonable shot against Donald Trump. I will be generous and call that idea arguable, but will also stay flatly that there isn’t a one of the democratic candidates that rises to the level of Mickey Mouse.

Remember my friends, it’s not just the establishment of the parties that are being rebelled against but the concept of big government itself.

The Democrat Party primary is being driven by the extreme left-wing of the party. That simply isn’t going to fly with the majority of the American people, particularly after the successes of the last several years. It’s just not going to happen.

The destruction of the Democratic Party is already well underway, and was pushed several miles down the road last night by the specter of an openly communist candidate winning in the “Live Free or Die” state. Anyone outside the Democratic party (and a good number of people inside it) are recoiling in horror at that image, and I’m telling you right now the Democrats won’t survive it.