The Obama presidency, and the result of Obama policy, and the 2016 campaign of Hillary Clinton , their collective corruption, were toxic to the majority of the Democrat Party. That’s being proven as we watch the 2020 campaign unfold.

I said two years ago that anyone who made it past the Democratic party nomination process was going to end up with their backsides up around their ear lobes in the general election. That was well demonstrated last night.

There is no one of the creatures on the stage last night that has a snowball’s chance of being elected president of the United States. Thank God for small favors.

One can’t get over the feeling that had Hillary Clinton won, that toxicity would have been spreading through the federal government even faster than it had been before that. As it is, the White House is fighting that corruption, not fostering it.

And lifelong Democrats are finding themselves without a choice but to ditch the party that has gone so very bad on them.