Steve Kruiser at PJM observes the Democrats bending over forward to accommodate Mini-Mike, and says:

Michael Bloomberg, the former seventy-two-term mayor/dictator of New York City, has encountered a new, seemingly unbeatable foe as he rises in the polls: his past.

Even his recent past, as Steve explains, and then goes on from there:

At the rate things are going this week, Bloomberg may yet emerge as the most awful person in a field of remarkably awful people. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know if any video is found of him complaining about nursing homes being a waste of real estate and advocating for their inhabitants to be euthanized en masse.

It was just three short years ago that the Democrats were all a fluster about the concept of a multi-millionaire being the president of the United States and that there was no connection between him and the American voter. Of course they’ve been wrong about that, not that they’ve given up that misbegotten notion…until of course Bloomberg came along and now suddenly a multi-millionaire from New York City is fully connected to the American people, if you listen to the Democrat establishment.

That kind of a flip-flop doesn’t happen without a reason…. And the reason is certainly simple enough:

Granted that the Democrats never follow the rules in any event, even when the rules are their own rules… but in this case their bending of the rules to allow him on the debate stage is indicative that they finally come to the conclusion that everybody else already understood….

Not a single one of the band of idiots currently leading the pack for the Democratic nomination has a snowball’s chance in the general election.

Mini-Mike hasn’t got a shot either, of course, but in their desperation the Democrat Party hasn’t figured that one out yet, or if they have, they certainly won’t mention it to you.

Else they figure, bad as he is he’s got a better shot than any of the band of idiots taking up the remainder of the stage, tonight.

So suddenly the Democrats are just hunky and dory with money in politics.