The most recent round of the grudge match of the deep state versus the duly elected President ended on Tuesday.  The deep state is now minus one member, from Red State:

[Lieutenant Colonel] Alexander Vindman Is Escorted Out of the White House and Pearls Are Clutched

This was long overdue, although I understand why the President had to wait.

Alexander Vindman, perhaps the most insufferable, uselessly smug “witness” in the entire impeachment fiasco was fired from the NSC today and escorted out of the White House.

As a presidential advisor LTC was entitled to his opinion, and his input.  However he was not entitled to conduct his own foreign policy.  Did LTC Vindman, salute smartly, do an about face and exit?

One Response to “Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman – Fired”

  1. Little bustard should have been cashiered, had his saber broken and drummed out properly.
    His twin brother got chopped too.

    Lot more OBummer commissions need to be fitrepped out too.

    At least 1/3 of the Pentagon can go with no loss tothe force.