Mrs. Pelosi’s scheme to oust the President and clear the way for President Biden did not make it out of Iowa. Rather than making Joe Biden the nominee, Mrs. Pelosi has created a Bolshevik named Bernie. The democrat establishment, much like Dr. Frankenstein, having created a monster has to now figure out how to kill it.

Reaction on Iowa, from Conservative Tree House:

Joe Biden’s campaign is organized Astroturf, but he needs to keep up appearances. Warren and Buttigieg are inauthentic posers, but they need to hang around to pick up Biden’s supporters and keep Bernie in check. Meanwhile the DNC boardroom will do whatever is needed to try and forestall Sanders, and defend against a hostile takeover.

It’s going to get uglier.

Bernie supporters are eyes-wide-open. The DNC is playing with unstable explosives now.

Pass the popcorn.