Something I didn’t mention in my comments about Rush Limbaugh is the powerful political sense that is Donald Trump.. Here we have Polygrip Pelosi and all the Democrats in Congress sitting in silence while Melania Trump presents the presidential medal of freedom to Mr. Limbaugh. My friends, that is a moment worth savouring.

Speaking of Pelosi , that specticle she and the House Democrats made of themselves at the State of the Union will, I think, be a very effective fundraiser for the GOP. Leaving aside the act of ripping up the speech after the fact, which was bad enough let’s look at the Democratic response to the rest of it:

  • Lowest unemployment for blacks ever- Not Happy
  • Working and off government assistance (which benefits us all) – Not Happy
  • Bringing us back into alignment with the Constitution- Not Happy
  • 2 year old girl, new chance at life – Not Happy
  • Lowest ever disabled unemployment- Not Happy
  • Honoring a legit, American hero – Not Happy
  • Every human life is a gift from God – Not Happy
  • Prison reform – Not Happy
  • Bringing business back to the good ol’ USA & curbing foreign trade to our benefit – Not Happy
  • Blue collar boom – Not Happy
  • Curbing opioids – Not Happy
  • Removing illegal aliens – Not Happy
  • Curbing/ Ending Sanctuary Cities (to also protect us & help human trafficking) – Not Happy
  • Millions coming off of food stamps – Not Happy
  • Put America First – Not Happy

In short, the Democrats were not happy about Donald Trump actually accomplishing everything the Democrats said they wanted to do for the last 40 years.

I have been saying this since this website went active…

The worst thing you can do to a Democrat is provide a solution for his stated problem. The moment you do that is the moment that they lose their ability to demagogue the problem.

If this sham of an impeachment process didn’t lose the House and for that matter the White House for the Democrats of itself, add the optics of all of the above, and that’ll get the job done.

The first indication of the repercussions of all this was at the Iowa caucuses. You see, lost in the story there was the fact that there was a ‘lower-than-expected” turnout. In fact, it was downright abysmal.

With the last 3 years of intense promotion of the Democrat meme (which in fact the impeachment process has always been) they were expecting a record turnout along the lines of what they got in 2008. Instead what they got was the anemic turn out they got in 2016.

Then they made the optics worse by botching Iowa… and even worse yet when it was revealed that the application at the center of that foul- up was written by Hillary Clinton operatives.

I’ve spoken with a Republican insider in Iowa who tells me that the likelihood of there actually being underhanded dealings in that counting process are rather small given the level of the oversight of state election officials. He suggests that there is a huge amount of Democrat ineptitude responsible for what we saw, along with a voting process complexity to common core math look straightforward.

While I can certainly believe that the Democrats were inept and that this was at least part of the problem in Iowa,I can’t get over the feeling that there is something to that application written by Hillary Clinton’s people involved here. There is some serious investigation going on of the startup company responsible, which is apparently very mysterious indeed (called”Shadow”).

I’m hearing that Nebraska’s Democrats were planning on using that same application and have now suddenly decided they don’t want any part of it. Can’t imagine why.

However that works out though, watch closely for the turnout levels in New Hampshire on Tuesday. If we see reports of low turnouts there …(unexpectedly, of course, rather like Obama reports on the economy)… then we have a pretty good indication that the Democrats are unable to be able to mount any kind of serious challenge to the re-election of Donald Trump.

As a parting shot, I am hearing that the Democrats are requesting $50 million dollars for convention security. My first thought was that if you need that much money for security, maybe you ought to re-examine whether or not your positions are popular with the voters. But then it occurred to me that they could just go ahead and legislate a gun-free zone. It’s always worked before.