Joe Brenneman asks a very interesting question that I admit I hadn’t thought of…

Given Pelosi’s delay in delivering the articles of impeachment, I think we should be asking a couple of questions:
– When did she become aware of Bolton’s upcoming book, and who told her?
– How long was she prepared to actually wait for its writing/proofing to bolster the democrats’ rushed case?

If the implication here is true, it would explain a great deal about the Democrats and their activities these last couple of weeks.

(Shrug) I’m not sure it matters all that much.

Their problem of course is that even if they had managed to drag Bolton into this mix, it wouldn’t have availed them at all.

They did absolutely nothing for the American people, they got caught trying to execute a coup on the president of the United States, completely embarrassed themselves and all they got for their trouble was some lousy $125 a piece pens.

And by the way, in case anybody’s forgotten, we still don’t really know what’s in Bolton’s book.