Matt Margolis makes mention of the Oscars the other night and the fact that Obama’s “Higher Ground Productions” got their participation trophy:It’s been nearly a month since we found out the Netflix documentary “produced” by Barack and Michelle Obama, American Factory, was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary.

Look, it shouldn’t surprise anybody at all the Obamas got this award. Let’s remember this is the guy that won the Nobel Peace prize without having accomplished anything at all. To this day nobody has ever been able to explain why the man was worthy of such an award.

I’ll tell you right now, the guy could produce a film with nothing but a white screen and could claim that the film was about polar bears in a blinding snowstorm, and he’d win an award for it.
Now, if Donald Trump were to do that he’d be laughed out of the joint with about half the people saying that it was a white screen because Donald Trump is racist
… but because Obama is attached to this piece of garbage, the academy goes ahead and hands out an award. It’s not just Obama, of course.Liberal political figures have found Hollywood to be very willing to bestow accolades upon them. In fact, if you look at the Grammy nominations and winners for Best Spoken Word Album, you’ll find a lot of Democrat politicians and pundits have a knack for getting recognized, while their conservative counterparts don’t even get nominated. Nominees for Best Spoken Word Album include Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Al Franken, and Jesse Jackson. All of them won at least once. And, of course, Barack Obama has won two Grammy awards for Best Spoken Word Album, and Michelle Obama won her own Grammy a couple of weeks ago in the same category for her memoir, Becoming.Make no mistake, folks… Hollywood is not your friend.