I come not to defend Johnny Depp, but he will serve asa convenient segway.  Unlike Hollywood mytb, domestic violence is not a one way problem.  Just ask President 42.  There are both baterred women and battered men.  It jsut that we have created this legal fiction that batter men do not exist, from PJ Media:

A leaked audio conversation between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard is blowing up Hollywood. The audio reveals Heard confessing to committing physical violence against Depp. After BuzzFeed published photos of Heard with bruises and accusations of abuse against Depp, his life fell apart. Depp was implicated in the #MeToo movement and branded as a wife-abuser. He was dropped from “Pirates of the Caribbean” in 2018 and many speculate it was because of the allegations.

On Sunday, a taped conversation between Depp and Heard was posted online. In it, Heard admits to “slapping,” “hitting,” and throwing objects at him. Her biggest frustration with Depp appears to be that he tries to get away from her when she turns violent. Depp is heard saying, “There can be no physical violence,” and Heard replies, “I can’t promise I won’t get physical again.”

Folk legend has it that the term Rule of Thumb refers to the English common law idea that a husband was allowed to beat his wife provided he did so with a stick less than an inch.  Then there is the interview Sean Connery had with Barbara Walters asserting that it was sometimes necessary to slap your wife.

The problem is that when a man batters his wife, she has the presumption of innocence and a myriad of options, legal and otherwise.  Whereas when a man is battered by his wife, he has neither the presumption of innocence or any legal options.  An interesting discussion between Doctors Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia, video:

Maybe President Warren will have a program for that as well.