It has been said that while God made Man, it was Colonel Colt who made them, to include women and minorities, equal.

Bailey Nelson (age eleven)

From Stephen Gutowski, Washington Free Beacon:

The leader of a gun-control group decried efforts to sell firearms to minorities and women as “incredibly dangerous” on Monday.

“Gun makers are softening their image to ‘put a better face in front of people’ & ‘ramp up its appeal to women, children and members of minority groups,'” Igor Volsky, executive director of gun-control activist group Guns Down America, said in a tweet. Volsky, who is also a former vice president of the Center for American Progress, was commenting on a New York Times story about firearms marketing.[…] This is incredibly dangerous.”

Aside from wanting to Harvey Weinstien a women, why is any more dangerous for a women to be carrying? Counterpoint:

“The overt racism of gun control rears its ugly head again,” [Maj Toure, head of the Black Guns Matter] said. “Imagine being either so uninformed on the racist roots of gun control or so full of yourself that you would not only think but also believe that melinated Americans owning guns would be incredibly dangerous. I wonder what he thinks of the thousands of melinated law enforcement officers and military personnel that carry firearms to protect life as well?”

The old Lynching method was to have the local sheriff’s department show up in daylight and in uniform to disarm local blacks. Then to show up in darkness and in sheets to Lynch the same blacks.

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