Ukrainian International Airlines 752 crashed after departure from Tehran with no survivors, from Fox News:

Iran is refusing to hand over the black box of the doomed Ukrainian airliner to Boeing amid an investigation into what caused the crash that killed all 176 people aboard the flight out of Tehran early Wednesday, according to a report.

Ali Abedzadeh, the head of Tehran’s civil aviation organization, told Mehr news agency in Tehran that Iran has not made a decision on which country or international authority it would send the black box to for its data to be analyzed, Reuters reported.

It seems that Iran already knows the cause, and Ukrainie has suspicions, via Instapundit:

Iranian authorities, and apparently Ukrainian as well, are blaming mechanical issues. It’s a catch-all term in this case describing a series of events that are exceptionally unlikely, including most notably the aircraft transponder’s abrupt cessation of activity at about 8,000 feet following an entirely normal departure and ascent; and the aircraft’s recorded descent consumed in a fireball.

Neither of these outcomes are at all within range of ordinary possibility.

One more datum: UIA quickly terminated all service to and from Tehran, which is not done over mechanical issues.

2 Responses to “UIA Flight 752”

  1. HEY, dial the crap back.  Them Iranians know all about airplanes and mechanical failure, the guy who ran that country before the bathrobe group took over flew all kinds of airplanes well.
    Them guys with crappy diapers around their head know their shit too.

    Flying a perfectly serviceable Boeing jet right into the path of a traveling rocket is a mechanical failure and will cause additional failures as well.

  2. The Moolahs should call in the world’s expert on mechanical failures, Al Gore.