I was never a huge fan of Rush like some of the fanatics, but I always admired their work, Peart particularly so.
Like anyone else I had favorites of their material, my personal favorite being “Time Stand Still”, which I consider to be a work of genius..

In truth, though, what I really admired about the band and Peart in particular was the dedication to the craft. One can’t help but respect anyone so dedicated, and for the most part that’s true whatever their craft happens to be.. The guy literally oozed with it.

A final thought… My older boy made mention of his passing this evening and made mention of the track that he laid down with the group Vertical Horizon… (Another group I never really got into….)
The track is called ‘Instamatic”… I found myself attracted to the track based on the back story. Apparently a promise was made before he stepped away from Rush that he would come and do a track with VH. He did that track, and did an absolutely stupendous job on it despite his pain, all for a promise. He promised he was going to do it and by God he was going to do it.

As I said, dedication to the craft… But more, someone who kept his promises.

The memories are mostly instamatic. Seems an appropriate tune to put in here.