Nancy Pelosi H/T Donkey Hotey

With San Fran Nan, b/k/a Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, promising to invoke the War Powers Act to protect the capital of state sponsored terrorism, Iran, and the media caterwauling about President Donny’s threat to strike Iran’s cultural targets, Liz Sheld gives us a pity little target list:

Two dozen missiles or bombing sorties could wipe out Iran’s economy in a matter of hours. Fewer than a dozen power plants generate 60% of Iran’s electricity, and eight refineries produce 80% of its distillates. A single missile strike could disable each of these facilities, and bunker-buster bombs of the kind that Israel used last month in Lebanon would entirely destroy them. Without much effort, the US could destroy the Port of Kharg from which Iran exports 90% of its hydrocarbons.

Despite Nan’s wet dream of rending the President impotent via the War Power’s Act, their no law Nan can pass that would void the President constitutional power and duty to defend the nation. Whenever Iran attacks the United State, which has been often, the President of the United States has the power to respond. Moreover the target is short enough to handled on single day by one naval vesse