Over at PJM, Ed Driscoll quotes mega-moron Joe Scarborough:

SCARBOROUGH: We don’t know how this ends in the Senate. These shameless Trumpsters will remain shameless Trumpsters. But we do know how the story ends. We do know how history writes this. We know that everyone who defends Donald Trump right now will be exposed. We know Mike Pence will be exposed for what he is. We know that Barr will be exposed for what he is. We know that all of these characters, Rudy Giuliani, will be exposed for what he is. History, it will be bleak. And their families, their children, their grandchildren—everyone who has their last name—will carry that around with them, if they decide to continue lying for a failed reality TV host who will show them no loyalty.

Ed responds:

“Among the most shocking of North Korea’s human rights abuses is the ‘three generations of punishment’ rule. If one person is found guilty of a crime and sent to a prison camp, so too will their entire family, and the subsequent two generations born at the camp must remain there for life.”

(Or former Trump supporters can simply renounce their “crimes,” make the rounds and shed a few tears on Oprah-style chat show, and declare themselves newly reborn “Progressive” true believers, and —whammo! — instant redemption by the DNC-MSM. Just ask the governor of Virginia and the prime minister of Canada.)

And here’s the thing, it’s precisely as I’ve been saying for over 2 years now…

For all the focusing on Trump, it’s not about Trump and never has been.

Postulate a Ted Cruz presidency. Does anybody truly believe that the reaction to Cruz would be any different than it has been with Donald Trump?

Here it is..Far from being about Donald Trump per se’, this reaction is about anything to the right of Fidel Castro. Anything without the Democrat name in front of it, and without socialist policy attached to it.

Re-read the last sentence on that again, them, go and re-read Ed’s reference to the Socialist Wonderland in North Korea and their three generation punishment scheme. Now, reread the Joe Scarborough quote.

All that accomplished, you will perhaps begin to understand that this has become the standard play for the far left that outright runs the Democrat Party today, and has serious controls on the GOP establishment, as well.

All of this about Trump?
It’s never been about Trump. It’s about any opposition to the socialist mantra, whence comes all of the power for the establishment of both parties.