This is been making the rounds, and was mentioned already a couple of times on Fox this morning:

For the sake of discussion let’s assume that the the thing that what we see here is true.

It seems to me the only way Iran had out of the box that it created for itself, while still surviving.

There is no way that Iran would have survived an attack from the United States. At the same time, if they didn’t respond with some overt show of force the natives most certainly would have become restless to the point of overturning the Iranian government.

By the way on other matters, does anybody truly think that the earthquake outside their nuclear power plant was merely a coincidence? The timing of that would seem to stretch credulity just a little bit. that said, let’s consider a couple of alternative scenarios both of which I consider to be highly plausible given the circumstances…

One alternative that seems to me to be quite believable is that there has always been nuclear experimentation at the site. Recent events caused the mullahs to hit the panic button and demand results from the scientists working there. In their hurry, they screwed up. Boom.

The other possibility I can think of is sabotage. Was that created by Western interests or by iranian citizens who finally crossed the international enough line, would seem an open question.

Now before some of you get started, I’m not claiming any of this is true. I’m simply offering what I consider plausible conjecture.

Then to add to the highly improbable list of coincidences, that plane crash.

One point about that stands out in my mind…. the fact that it was a Ukrainian flight. Not a Russian flight. A Ukrainian flight full of westerners at that. Canadians, Germans, Ukrainians of course, and a few Brits. Then there’s the idea about Iran refusing to turn over the black box. Has David suggests, somebody knows what’s on there and doesn’t want it revealed.

The highly unlikely list of occurrences in the last 48 hours alone would over stuff a James Bond movie script. It’s almost impossible to believe that it’s all coincidence. We are definitely dealing with levels of 3D chess, beyond mere mortals… And it’s a sure bet that if they knew, the Democrats would never approve of any of it.