Let us forget for just a moment, the number of troops committed to the Middle East by Barack Hussein Obama. let us also forget for just a moment the number of troop commitments that were not needed as a result of the actions of the Trump Administration.

Let us also be kind enough to ignore the whinings of the skulls full of mush at the various elite universities, all of them supposedly scared to death about being drafted, which of course was never going to happen.

I wonder how many of you know who Newton K Baker was. It’s not a name you often hear, particularly you never hear the name in the government-run places of higher education.

Newton K Baker was a progressive Democrat. He was of the variety that would fit directly in with today’s progressive. He was a pacifist.

Ready? It was Newton K Baker as created the modern military draft. and as a result it wasn’t the leftist Elites that went to war, it was Joe and Jane everybody.

Now maybe you understand why you don’t hear the name very much.

I wonder how many of the whiny brats currently attending Princeton, and wandering in and out of Woodrow Wilson Hall on that campus, would have a clue as to the history involved.

I rather doubt it.