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Circular File the FISA Court

It is an amusing question…

Which is more inept… the security staff at the Manhattan Correction Center, who did anything but protect the late Jeffery Epstein, or the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court rubber stamped four different legally defective FISA application by four different judges violate Carter Page’s Fourth
Amendment rights?

From Margot Cleveland, Federalist [1]:

That question was key! But the IG report merely noted that it “did not find a written response to this specific question, and the [Office of Intelligence] Attorney did not recall a response,” before noting the attorney said he later learned that some of the sub-sources were “‘definitely’ in a position to have had access to the information Steele was reporting,” and that they provided that information to the FISA court.

But merely being in a position to have access to information is insufficient. The government needs to establish either the reliability of its sub-sources or provide corroborating evidence, and it did neither.

How did the FISA court miss this fatal flaw? And not once, but four times! The

The same mistakes against the same victim by four different federal judges can not be explained away by mere coincidence.