Bona Fides:

[Former Illinois Governor Rod] Blagojevich, who was a member of Congress during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998, and was quickly impeached and removed as governor in January 2009 just weeks after the accusations against him first emerged

Let it be noted that Blagojevich has more impeachment experience than the average bear.

Blagojevich argues that but if Nancy Pelosi just a few years older and only half a crazy she would have attempted to impeach President Abraham Lincoln:

Can’t you see how a Speaker Pelosi and many of today’s House Democrats would call for the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate Lincoln for “Confederate Collusion” and bring impeachment charges for abuse of power for offering the top military command to a guy who would go on to become the top military commander of the other side?

And surely, articles of impeachment would be brought against Lincoln by today’s House Democrats for suspending the writ of habeas corpus across the Union as it related to traitors, spies, prisoners of war and Union soldiers.

I confess that I can not construct a counter-factual that conforms to Blagojevich’s.  Further, I stipulate there was ample legal basis to impeach and remove Lincoln from office.

However unlike Forty Five, Sixteen did not have limited himself to what was legal.  So Mrs. Pelosi not being a total moron and lacking the courage, would have not taken up the fight.  Lincoln had a nation to unite and a war to win. If he perceived Pelosi as an impediment, sobeit.