A few thoughts about the Iranian situation as they occurred to me through the day.

# I can’t help but regard the cruise missile death of Terroist and Thug, Qassem Soleimani, as the ultimate in “good guy with a gun” scenarios. The death of Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, is merely icing on the cake.

# No doubt whatsoever what those two were doing in Iraq.

# You may not remember this, but both of these Iranian thugs were labeled, quite correctly, as terrorists by the American government about six months ago. Which makes this a counterterrorism strike. That relabeling of those two as terrorists, shows clearly that there is a good deal more strategy going on here then the White House is admitting, thank God, and certainly more than the Democrats are aware of. Again, thank God.

# I find it amusing in the extreme to watch the Democrats trying to dance around the fact that they are defending Islamic terrorists. Yeah, that’s going to go over well in November.

# Iraqis dancing in the streets of Baghdad would seem to suggest that at least among those, this attack was well-received.

# Did you notice Nancy Pelosi’s initial reaction to the strike? She sounds for all the world like somebody was looking for another excuse to impeach.

# The usual suspects in Congress are complaining that they weren’t consulted before the strike. Perhaps they weren’t consulted, was because the moment they were, Iran would know about it. Aside of course from the idea that Congress was in recess.

# The Usual Suspects on the net are complaining that this is a unneeded escalation. Well, sending pallets of cash didn’t work to calm those dirt scratchers down.

They used the cash to execute attacks on America. nothing and I mean absolutely nothing has worked with these people… Their response is invariably escalation. Eventually the only solution left is an attitude adjustment. Seems reasonable to try something that we haven’t tried yet. Our inaction over a 40 year period, other than butt kissing, is how we got into this situation in the first place. It’s long past time that was over and done with.

# There was a serious message sent by that attack. A message sent to Iran’s revolutionary guard. “We are watching you. We know where you are every minute of every day. We can strike when we feel the need. And with the current Administration, we won’t hesitate to do that.” The argument of course right now is that somebody will spring up to take the place of these two thugs who were killed. Thing is, I can’t imagine that their recruiting efforts are going to be fully successful. They say you never hear the cruise missile coming in. Do you suppose that very many people are really going to be willing to step into that role?

# Yes, of course Iran is threatening retaliation. Only one problem. They are essentially a paper tiger now. They don’t have the leadership to do it anymore, not for quite a while anyway. and while they have a large number of people, they most certainly don’t have a large number of munitions, and as of yet at least, no nuclear capabilities. Given that the pattern with Iran has always been one of escalation, perhaps the best idea is to confront them before they have that capability. and I wouldn’t worry about them responding just yet. if they were going to make good on their threats and any meaningful way that have done it already.

# Face it: if Obama had ordered that attack, every Democrat in the country would be considering him a genius, and singing his praises.

# given the number of protests against the mullahs that have been happening both in Iraq and Iran, it would appear that there’s a large number of people who are dead tired of these thugs and want them getting rid of. Somehow I suspect that their domestic support is nonexistent.

# Why is it Democrats are so interested in bombing Syria, but not a known Iranian terrorist?

# it would appear that John Bolton was right.

# Are the Iranian mullahs writing the Democrat talking points?

# Soleimani didn’t kill himself… rather like Epstein.