I haven’t said much about the supposed impeachment of Donald Trump. Mostly because it’s not really drawing that much in the way of attention from the American people. In my estimation that’s because the American people are getting tired of being told that Adam Schiff has evidence that’s so secret he hasn’t made it up yet.

They’re tired of accusations of cover-up when the Democrats can’t seem to define what’s being covered up. Every time they come up with an answer to that question, that answer becomes disproved¬† quickly.

It’s to the point where the Democrats are so far over the edge that Donald Trump’s approval rating is rising…. Rising in dramatic fashion in fact.

It’s my sense that the American voter, now that the Democrats have completed their attempt at a coup, will now be paying strict attention to what’s going on at that hearing. It’s my sense that the viewer numbers for the trial which have been in the toilet since the beginning, will now see a dramatic rise over the next few days.