So after all the back and forth on this, and all the efforts by the liberal gun grabbers, it turns out that the second amendment rally in Richmond was totally peaceful. Of course, a major reason is that Antifa didn’t bother showing up. Seems reasonable to assume that the reason they didn’t show up is most of the 2A supporters we’re armed. (Which strikes me as one of the best reasons to support the second amendment… Keeping evil at Bay)

The gun grabbers tried to turn this into another Charlottesville, including undercover efforts to incite violence and make the pro 2nd amendment crowd look like the bad guys.

It didn’t work.

John Hinderaker observes the situation and says:

Virginia’s Democrats are unabashedly in favor of gun confiscation. Why is it that when Democrats take control of a legislative body, they instinctively move to confiscate legally-owned firearms from law-abiding citizens, in violation of the Second Amendment? It would take a psychiatrist to answer that question. Certainly a student of crime statistics wouldn’t be able to explain it. Whatever the cause, the Democrats’ move against the citizens’ constitutional rights is manna from Heaven for Republicans, many of whom mingled with the demonstrators and endorsed their cause.

Look, that’s invariably the way these things fall out. Hasn’t anybody noticed that the biggest single problem the Democrats have with the American people is that they have too much freedom?