The ‘Rats of B.J. Clinton’s Senate impeachment trial, accurately predict the behavior of the 2020 ‘Rats, video:

Hat tip and more, Power Line:

Quotable quote (Chuck Schumer): “I expect history will show we’ve lowered the bar on impeachment…My fear is that when a Republican wins the White House, Democrats will demand payback.”

First note, B.J. was not removed from office by the Senate. So senator Chuckles was not making a prediction. He was making a projection.

Second, in the B.J. trial, the ‘Rats were not arguing he was innocent. Rather, the argument was that Clinton assorted crimes were note serious enough to merit removal from office. Now flash ford, today the ‘Rats are arguing, well demanding, that President Donald John Trump be removed from office dispite not charging with any crimes. Go figure.