I’ve seen the usual anti-police suspects complaining about what happened in Coral Gables the other day.. and it strikes me as duplicitous that almost invariably these are the same people who complained bitterly about the actions ….or perhaps more correctly the inactions… of the Broward county sheriff’s office incidental to the mass shooting at the Majory Stoneman Douglas high School.

Folks, you can’t have it both ways.

If you’re going point blame at the police about the policies and procedures followed in this case, then don’t complain when law enforcement takes on the procedure used in the Majory Douglas Stoneman High School case… That being essentially standing around doing nothing.

Of course, there is another solution… Allowing individual citizens to be armed so as to defend themselves against such happenings.

That said, as to Coral Gables, let’s wait till the investigation is over before we hang anybody, okay?