Joe may be slow but he’s not that stupid.

One of two things is going on here. Either the gentleman in Iowa was coming a little too close to the Target for Joe’s comfort, or the plan has always been for Joe Biden to lose enough momentum so as to make it reasonable to drop out of the race, at which point Hillary Clinton swoops in.

More likely, both.

2 Responses to “We Must Assume Biden is Trying to Lose”

  1. Bloomberg might be the monkey wrench in the works…
    I don’t know…he wants to basically ban and regulate everything…
    So, would they trot out Hillary as a white knight to save DEMS from BLOOMBERG? or…would Bloomberg be another “Ross Perot” and fizzle out just enough to siphon off votes from Trump…Remember, Perot ran to Siphon off votes from Bush/Quayle And Dole/Kemp in 92 and 96, respectively, so what are the odds Hillary’s got Bloomberg doing same?
    Or for that matter…even Biden?
    Or for that matter…Bernie or Warren?
    Or even, for that matter, Buttigieg?

  2. Bloomberg is certainly the wild card, and he’s probably running a campaign as a tax write-off of some sort.