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The Result of Learning the Lessons of History

Here’s an example of why Don Surber [1] is on my list of favorite reading:

Shepard wrote, “It should have come as no surprise that Cox delegated the Watergate Special Prosecution Force recruiting to James Vorenberg, a fellow law professor who had taught criminal law.

Don Surber

Vorenberg hired only people whom he knew or who were recommended by people he knew, and he assembled a specially selected team of some 70 lawyers, virtually all Ivy League graduates, the top 17 of whom had worked together in the Kennedy/Johnson Department of Justice. Readers should note the constitutional inversion here: these were the very people voted out of office with Nixon’s 1968 election, now in control of the government’s investigative and prosecutorial powers. Vorenberg announced at their first press conference in June 1973 their intent to investigate each and every allegation of wrongdoing by the Nixon administration since it had assumed office some five years prior.”

Sound familiar?
That is why this will not happen again, or at least not to President Donald John Trump. He learned the lesson of Watergate.

President Trump learned from Nixon’s firing of Cox, which created a backlash. He kept Mueller, which avoided an obstruction of justice claim.

The president has needled and ridiculed the hapless Democrats, but he also has given them everything they asked for. When they objected to his July 25 phone call to Ukraine, President Trump released the transcript. There will be no nonsense about the cover-up being worse than the crime on his watch.

That transcript should have ended the controversy, but Adam Schiff is insane, Jerry Nadler is a fool, and the press is corrupt. Down the rabbit hole of impeachment they dove.

Public sentiment, the law, and the facts are in President Donald John Trump’s favor. He learned from Nixon. it is not paranoia when they really are out to kill you.

First of all, that’s only the half of it. Surber dives in quite a bit deeper than what I’ve quoted here. You should go and read the whole thing.

In any event…

Of course he was prepared. He knew what I’ve been saying for the last 5 years now…that with the exception of Gerald Ford every single Republican president has suffered under impeachment attack by the Democrats.

Every single one. this is the well-established play for the Democrats.

In view of that well established history how could he not know that he was going to be attacked as well? (As an aside, it should perhaps be noted that Hillary Clinton was one of the people that Vorenberg hired. I know, big shock, huh?)

And, since he was not a part of the GOP establishment, the knives would be out in the Rockefeller wing of the Republican party as well. The establishment, in other words. always remember that the establishment wasn’t very pleased about Ronald Reagan, either, and for the same reason. He wasn’t part of the establishment either.