We may have actually found a public service for the Unions to perform… Killing off the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Employees of Southern Poverty Law Center civil rights organization the have voted to unionize, the SPLC announced Monday.

The employees voted to join the Washington-Baltimore News Guild. The vote was 142-45, according to the SPLC union twitter account.

Look… you and I both know that the fastest way to kill off an organization is to unionize it. Consider for example the bomb crater that is Detroit. Consider our educational system is destroyed by government and the teachers unions.

And now, the SPLC. It couldn’t happen to a nicer hate group.

Oh, and let’s not forget the question of the moment:

I thought fairness was supposed to be baked into the SPLC. That fairness was supposed to be what they were about. So why, I wonder, did the employees feel they had to unionize?

We wonders, yes we wonders.

Personally, I can’t wait to see the place being struck by workers carrying signs screaming “Unfair!” And dragging that giant plastic rat around with them.