Some more stray thoughts that occur to me is I run through my day:

# Nancy Pelosi tells us that is she is now for impeaching the president and the reason is according to her, national security.

It strikes me that a lot of evil has been committed over the years in the name of national security. That said, however, the larger point to be made here is we’re talking about the Democrats… a group of people that wants open borders unlimited immigration and wants to take away our ability to defend ourselves by removing our guns. Exactly how does this constitute being concerned about national security?

# I’ve gone over the Horowitz report.

Leaving aside the first- day spin from the Democrats, it’s devastating to the FBI and frankly proves that the entire investigation was nothing more than a hoax, and that the FBI was nothing short of an enforcement arm of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Of course, the FBI is now telling us that the CIA was to blame. And, certainly, there is some blame there, giving John Brennan… Who, it should be noted, blames the FBI. This swamp draining thing is fun, isn’t it?

# The above statement should not be construed as suggesting that there wasn’t criminal activity going on, even at the outset. There is no way on God’s green earth that what are being characterized as inaccuracies and omissions, were not intentional. 17 different “errors” and they all benefit one party’s agenda? Sorry, no sale.

# Tom Brokaw seems to feel that people trusted the news media before social media came along. Ummmm, no, Tommy boy. Put down the crack pipe, and step away. It’s just that now that our voices are being heard. The fact of the matter is, we never trusted you, and because of social media we know we’re not alone in that mistrust.

# I spent some of my evening watching this business down in Jersey City develop. Listening to the police scanner there. It would appear that they targeted a heavily Jewish neighborhood, these attackers. And before you start talking about removing guns from society, they also had a rather sizable pipe bomb. Personally I’m just waiting for word that Islam was involved in this. I’m also curious as to how long it takes until somebody decides it’s all Donald Trump’s fault.