I will certainly join in the celebrations for Jeremy Corbyn and his wandering band of Stalinist one worlders being handed their backsides yesterday. It is certainly a step in the right direction, make no mistake.

As it happens, I find Boris Johnson a mildly interesting character. That said, I cannot give him full credit for pulling off this victory.

Make no mistake, Boris Johnson did not defeat the Labour party. The Labour Party defeated the Labour party.

This is not a situation where Boris Johnson is perfect any more than Donald Trump is perfect, here in the ‘States… it’s that their opposition is horrible.

Simply put, Labor could not help itself from being Labor. their continued push for socialist policies has created a backlash, even amongst their own rank- and- file

To understand how deep this goes,we need to also take a look at the rest of the world.

I’ve noted before that this is a worldwide trend we’re dealing with, involving the rejection of the establishment. The election of Trump is a symptom of that, as is Boris Johnson winning in the UK… and what else can we call the humiliation French president macron has been suffering in France? What else can we call the protests in Hong Kong? What else can we call the rejection of the politics of Angela Merkel in Germany? I suggest these are all part and parcel of the same thing… A rejection of socialism.

People around the world who have been watching for the last five or six decades, and seeing socialist policies enacted, and seeing the horrendous results of that enactment, are rejecting it in numbers like we have never seen before. The people in all those areas above feel betrayed, and rightly so.

Here in the ‘States, the Democrats are watching this, and there is genuine fear in them. What was that statement by Butterball Nadler yesterday? Words to the effect of…We can’t depend on an election to get rid of Trump? Yeah… They know they’re going to lose and lose big.

If there’s a humorous side to all of this is that these idiots have been digging their own Graves for some time now. They believed that their leftist politics would be enough to sway the voters to a massive defeat of the right. (Sound familiar?)

With a hat tip to Billy Beck for the list, I give you the degree to which the left actually believed this tripe:

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I believe that people around the world have begun to recognize the socialist “One world” morass that we allowed ourselves to be herded into last 50 years or so, and they clearly see the disaster that will occur if it’s not stopped… and are rising up to do precisely that.

I do stand corrected on one point. over the years I’ve stated many times that socialism would never unite people around the world. Well, as it turns out, socialism has, in fact United people around the world…United them against socialism.