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Nina Burleigh Award: Jane Fonda

[1]The Nina Burleigh Award is given, in Al Capp, fashion from time to time as we see fit, the female twit who does her best to keep radical feminism dead. The award is given in honor of the twit who killed feminism. We have a winner, from Professor Althouse

After the 2016 election, [Hanoi Jane] Fonda was initially optimistic that Trump could be flattered into taking on the cause of battling climate change. She wanted to invite several “voluptuous” female activists (including the environmentally minded actress Pamela Anderson) to brief Trump on the dangers of relying on fossil fuels.

Nomination [2]: Ann Althouse

So it’s okay to treat women as sex objects if it’s a means to an end? This belongs in the same category as “I’d be happy to give him a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal”

I do love snark, and snark is a dish best served cold