Senator Charles Schumer is not a total moron. He is total jackass. However sometimes Chuckles is too smart for his own good. Chuckles knows the steaming pile of Schiff, due over from Nancy Pelosi is long on words but devoid of facts. So Chuckles is proposing that the Senate call four fact witnesses, interesting enough none called Biden.

However one of them lawyer fellows over at Power Line, Paul Mirengoff, offers his own take:

Chuck Schumer’s moan that “the facts” need to “com[e] out” before a full impeachment trial can occur is an invitation to a motion to dismiss the House’s articles of impeachment, once they arrive. The House had its opportunity to develop the facts. If it didn’t develop facts sufficient to support removing the president, the Senate shouldn’t waste its time on the matter.

An impeachment trial shuts down the entire Senate.  It not the role of the Senate to shut the important mission of confirming federal judge to provide the legal basis for Nan’s pile of Schiff