Observe, by way of Bruce


Says Bruce, quite correctly:

This video perfectly illustrates the point. What you see here is blatant racism. Racism on a stick. You can’t be anymore racist than is this young woman. And she does everything that she accuses whites of doing. Stereotyping an entire race based on the color of their skin and basically calling them inferior because they can’t help what they are. But she is completely blind to that. Listen to the assurance with which she speaks her hateful ignorance. Notice how she hasn’t any appreciation for the irony of what she says, or it’s hypocrisy.

That’s today’s left.

Exactly so. The next time somebody claims there’s no such things as a black racist, show them this. Point out that this is the basis of their entire argument.

Thing is, however, there’s more to this than just what Bruce mentions. They’re using these arguments because they work towards an unstated goal. Power. And how do they intend to obtain that power? Through the unbridled use of government.

Of course the trouble with this, aside from the obvious, is that the government was how we got into the situation they supposedly object to in the first place. Democrat governments.