Margot Cleveland at The Federalist:

Former Wall Street Journal reporters who co-founded Fusion GPS, Simpson and Fritsch appeared Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” The bit was intended as a PR push to increase sales for their new book on Steele. Whether the media blitz that began in stride over the weekend will prove successful is unclear. But one thing the interview made clear is that a serious investigation into Russia’s interference in our elections would have focused on the Steele dossier.

This point became evident when host Chuck Todd confronted the Fusion founders with a video of the impeachment testimony of Fiona Hill. Hill, an expert on Europe and Russia and a former member of Trump’s National Security Council, testified that the Steele dossier was a “rabbit hole” and “very likely” contained Russian disinformation. Hill also testified that she “thought he got played.”

Simpson responded that Hill is entitled to her opinion and that while Hill is a Russia expert, she is not a disinformation specialist, like Steele. The Fusion GPS founders sought to further bolster Steele’s work during the interview by stressing that he ran the Russian desk for MI6. “This is one of the most capable and one of the most knowledgeable experts on Russia in the world today,” Fritsch said, adding that Steele “spent a lot of time going through the dossier to separate information from disinformation, credible facts from non-credible facts.”

The problem, of course, with Hill’s read on the subject is that it doesn’t mesh with the “Orange Man Bad” syndrome very well… But as we are increasingly finding out, the facts seldom do.

Robert Mueller

One suspects, based on the way this is going, that Attorney General Barr, unlike Robert Mueller, has actually investigated the dossier and its use in the FISA court.

Which brings us to the conclusion that for all that Robert Mueller was acting like an incompetent at the hearing, he was a political hack, intentionally playing stupid so as not to damage the narrative.

I further suggest that any serious investigation of these matters will result in prosecution of Robert Mueller… And of his underlings on the so-called dream team.