Over at PJM, Matt Margolis says:

Three women have come forth accusing U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland of sexual harassment.

Sondland, a star witness in the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against President Trump, reportedly made sexual advances on the three women and then “he retaliated against them professionally after they rejected his advances.”

Admittedly, I didn’t see this one coming but frankly it doesn’t surprise me at all. The reason is simple enough of course… his testimony instead of being the star witness for the Democrats ended up destroying their wet dreams of impeachment:

Even somebody that hasn’t been watching politics as closely as Bloggers and so on do, understands that this is a standard play of the Democrats against anyone who has dared cross them, or whose activities were inconvenient for them.

A few examples:

Bill Cosby.

Clarence Thomas.

Brett Kavanaugh

Donald Trump

Jim Trafficant.

And of course, Jeff Epstein.

Understand what history has shown us clearly… These are precisely the tactics the Democrats will always employ under these circumstances.

Margolis seems to be on the same track:

However, according to the story, “friends, family members or colleagues of the women recall being told about the encounters at the time.” Reporting on the story also began in October, which, ProPublica/Portland Monthly notes, was “around the time of Sondland’s initial impeachment testimony, in which he backed the president’s assertion that there was no quid pro quo involving Ukraine.”

The Democrats have broken out this weapon often enough that it’s become cliche. At what point do the American people stop taking these idiots seriously?